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We are world class nerds.

Our team of developers have the experience and expertise to deliver the highest quality software. We program for work, but we love to do it, so we are always staying up to date on the latest technologies, best practices and design patterns. Our obsession is (take out the word to) your benefit.

Better software through better communication.

Software is complicated, but communication doesn't have to be. We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of clients and accurately addressing those needs. We listen first, code second. Our ability to understand your needs saves you time and frustration.

More than anything else, we are customer focused.

Our main goal is always customer satisfaction. We create software to fit your needs, not to fit our paradigm. We are in the business of creating custom solutions to custom issues. Instead of reselling the same software, we build what you need from the ground up with the best technology for you and your business.

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Below are a few examples of our work.

Activity Manager Flight Edition


The client had been working on a custom software solution for nearly two years. It was performing the basic day to day functionality required for their business but was not fully integrated with their billing and accounting processes or with many of their daily tasks. Printing documents to be scanned and reentered or manually generating emails from system data was common. This resulted in wasted man hours, frustration and was prone to human error.


RCubed Studios worked to understand their various processes and the overall needs of the company. A business process was developed and implemented via both new software and updates to the existing software system. These updates worked to eliminate the majority of the manual process, created tighter integration between front desk employees and the accounting team, and simplified the work flow for the entire office.

From the client

“The improvements RCubed Studios made to our software have made a huge difference. The customized reports save us a great deal of time and energy. With almost everything being managed digitally we no longer have to print, scan and manually reenter all our data. I have been very impressed with Ryan’s ability to grasp our unique business and provide solutions that fit our needs.”
- Paula, Accountant and Bookkeeper for Aris Inc

Credit Tracker

Customer Credit Tracking System

The client was running a snack bar and full kitchen in separate locations and needed a way to track their customer’s credit. The current system was done by either paying when food was order or adding credit to their account before making a purchase. This credit was recorded on a 3x5 card with the customer’s name and account balance. Beyond being time consuming to manually change the customer’s credit after each purchase, it required a separate card to be kept at both the snack bar and the kitchen. The process made accounting’s job difficult, encumbered the cashiers and created a longer wait for the customers.


RCubed Studios built a custom web based application to work on iPads that stored customer’s balances in the cloud. With the information being stored digitally, both locations were able to see and update a customer’s balance simply by using their customer number or looking them up by last name. Accounting was able to generate digital reports at the end of each month without needing to work through hundreds of hand written receipts. The process saved time for the client’s staff and cut down the time customers had to stand in line.

From the client

“Thanks to RCubed Studios Shiloh Church has been able to streamline our sales process. The easy to use interface created for us has enabled us to become more efficient and ultimately allows us more time to focus on our vision of being a community of believers.”
- Emily, Accountant for Shiloh

Broadcast Unlimited


Broadcast Unlimited allows a user to keep their clients, contacts and groups updated with simple one-way communications. You can create groups of contacts and write one message that will be sent to each contact in the group either by text, email or Facebook direct messages (coming soon).
Reach out to your contacts using their preferred mode of messaging, all from the same app. Send one message to multiple people, across multiple platforms.

Asset Tracker


Track your vehicles in real time with custom GPS tracking hardware and a custom website map. Geo-fences can be set up at target locations for each vehicle. As the driver arrives, the map automatically zooms in and displays a popup map with a close up of your driver’s location. As they leave the location, it zooms back out to give a larger picture of where all of your assets are. The website allows you to track any number of vehicles at once, with up to three vehicles setup to display geo-fenced popup maps.

CEO Data App


This app allows users to upload and display their important PDF documents as well as graph data items. Meant for CEO’s of small to medium sized companies, CEO Data, keeps you in touch with your company’s important files. Files can be uploaded and available via the website, by you or your team. These files are then downloaded and synced with your iOS devices so you have access to your information any time, whether online of offline.

Time Clock Messenger


This app was built with the purpose of keeping all of your employees up to date with company announcements. Management can create messages to be shown to individuals, groups or the entire company, online with an easy to use website. Then, whenever an employ logs in, they must step through each message that has been sent to them. As they read each one, they must confirm that they have read it before seeing any further messages and before being notified that they are clocked in. The time and date each message was read and who has read it is all saved and can be reviewed by management.
Not only can you keep your employees up to date, but you can hold them accountable for messages they have read. No more excuses, no more lost messages. When they clock in, they get updated.

iPad Reservations System


After the main office was closed, a reservationist would print out all reservations and open seats for the next two weeks on paper and take them home each night. They would use this information to schedule any reservation requests that were called in by customers after the main office closed. In the morning, the reservationist would drop off their hand written notes and the reservationist working that day would have to manually enter all the changes into the system before the start of business. This required new paper work to be printed each night and was prone to human errors.


A custom iPad app was created by RCubed Studios that allowed the reservationist to pull all future reservations down from the server at the end of each day automatically. This iPad was taken home by the night reservationist to make new reservations, modify existing reservations, and even send confirmation emails to customers after hours. The changes made on the iPad would be synced back to the server at the end of the night, eliminating the need to print any documents and negating the need to manual reenter data.

From the client

"RCubed Studios designed a program to do our night reservations on an iPad and it made a world of a difference! No more printing out paperwork and tedious handwritten reservations that often left us over-looking mistakes or mis-interpreting a poorly handwritten note. Not to mention saving a tree or two by going digital. Now reservations are quick and easy thanks to this program. Although the learning of a new technology might seem a bit overwhelming in the end it was a smooth and easy transition for us all at Air Maui."
- Ashley, Reservationist at Air Maui Helicopters.

Diamond Store PoS and IMS


This custom iOS app allows for full inventory management and sales with integration to the Azure cloud and Shopify online store. The customer required a custom PoS app to manage their inventory, customers, employees, and invoices. Not only is all of this information tracked and securely stored in the Azure cloud, it also directly integrates with their online store so that any inventory updates are reflected on the store. The app also creates custom jewelry tag labels and integrates with their specialized jewelry tag printer.

Geotrack Ringback

AT&T Hackathon’s First Place Winner

AT&T’s “hackathons” are coding competitions that challenges developers to design and build a fully functional app in 24 hours. In 2014 over 200 developers, 47 teams, 41 sponsors, and over 300 people in total attended the Code for Car and Home Hackathon at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. Developers built apps focused on connected vehicle and home automation. The hackathon really challenged developers to imagine the car and home of the future and upgrade their non-smart cars to something that helps improve their daily lives.


Members of RCubed Studios worked with members of Silver Salmon to build a fully functional app and website in 24 hours. Their first place winning app, called Geotrack Ringback, provided drivers with a truly hands free and distraction free way to communicate with their customers, family and friends. Drivers are able to quickly build a travel plan from their Windows Phone, tablet or PC. The driver's location is tracked via the GPS on their Windows Phone. The app uses text to speech to generate an audio recording that is uploaded and saved as the driver’s ring back. When someone calls the driver, the caller immediately hears the current location and time to the next destination as the ring back tone. This replaced the standard ring the caller hears. This allows the driver to share his location and time to destination without ever touching his phone.


Geotrack Ringback took both first place prices, along with two other accelerator prizes for a total of $20,000. - Connected Car Challenge - 1st Place - Microsoft Mobile App – 1st Place - Telecommunication Systems – Best use of TCS Technology - RealNetworks – Best use of Connected RBT API You can see Ryan present the winning app here



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